MotorFansClub Roof Rack Our shop most popular Cross Bars Mini for Compatible with Fit MotorFansClub,/Averroist2948445.html,for,Cross,$79,Fit,Rack,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,with,Bars,,Compatible,Roof,Mini $79 MotorFansClub Roof Rack Cross Bars Fit for Compatible with Mini Automotive Exterior Accessories MotorFansClub Roof Rack Our shop most popular Cross Bars Mini for Compatible with Fit MotorFansClub,/Averroist2948445.html,for,Cross,$79,Fit,Rack,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,with,Bars,,Compatible,Roof,Mini $79 MotorFansClub Roof Rack Cross Bars Fit for Compatible with Mini Automotive Exterior Accessories

MotorFansClub Roof New product! New type Rack Our shop most popular Cross Bars Mini for Compatible with Fit

MotorFansClub Roof Rack Cross Bars Fit for Compatible with Mini


MotorFansClub Roof Rack Cross Bars Fit for Compatible with Mini

Product Description


Items Description

  • The roof racks offer a effective way to get your cargo out of your vehicle,it frees up space inside the vehicle for more comfortable travel.
  • The premium roof rack that allows you to safely carry your roof baskets, camping gear, luggage, kayak, snowboards and skis.
  • The roof rack can be extended just right to make a good solid fit,whether it's on a flat or rough road, it can keep your luggage from shaking.
  • Plenty roomy for each family member's camping and road trip, make your trip more relaxing and enjoyable.
  • The roof rack is according to the original car radian design, matches well with the side rails,good looking.
Package Weight 14.3 pounds.
Package Dimensions 47.2 x 7.8 x 5.1 inches.
Vehicle Service Type Fit for Compatible with Mini Countryman 2011-2018.
Max Load Capacity 220LBS/100KG.
Exterior Silver and Black.
Material Aluminum+ ABS Plastic.
Cover Included 1 Set Bars,1 x Installation Manual,1 x Allen Wrench.
Function Transport kayaks, canoes, luggage, bikes, and more.

Package Details:

  • 1 Set of Cross Bar
  • 2x Keys

MotorFansClub Roof Rack Cross Bars Fit for Compatible with Mini

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