Shop Tuff STF-15GODACP Oil Drain with Capa Topics on TV 110V - Pump 15 Gallon Shop Tuff STF-15GODACP Oil Drain with Capa Topics on TV 110V - Pump 15 Gallon STF-15GODACP,Drain,Shop,Pump,Gallon,Tuff,Oil,,15,Capa,/Averroist2948545.html,$280,110V,-,Automotive , Tools Equipment,with $280 Shop Tuff STF-15GODACP Oil Drain with 110V Pump - 15 Gallon Capa Automotive Tools Equipment STF-15GODACP,Drain,Shop,Pump,Gallon,Tuff,Oil,,15,Capa,/Averroist2948545.html,$280,110V,-,Automotive , Tools Equipment,with $280 Shop Tuff STF-15GODACP Oil Drain with 110V Pump - 15 Gallon Capa Automotive Tools Equipment

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Shop Tuff STF-15GODACP Oil Drain with 110V Pump - 15 Gallon Capa


Shop Tuff STF-15GODACP Oil Drain with 110V Pump - 15 Gallon Capa

Product description

Shop Tuff’s STF-15GODACP Oil Drain with 110V Pump, 15 Gallon Capacity is the perfect way to drain the oil from your cars, trucks, and so much more. The low-profile oil drain is ideal for low-profile applications. With a 15-gallon capacity, this oil drain is perfect for large jobs. This oil drain has a powerful 110V, 60Hz, 1.6 Amp pump and a ¾” by 8’ evacuation hose that quickly drains the oil, anti-freeze, and other fluids at 2.5 GPM. This Shop Tuff product even features a 15 GFCI with a test/reset switch for your safety. The mesh grate covers the entire tub and prevents debris and other parts from falling into the oil. This oil drain also protects you from oil splash with the expanded metal cover. Shop Tuff’s oil drain measures 110” x 64” x 23” overall, while the two front swivel casters measure 3in. and the two rear wheels measure 5in. These wheels give the drain easy maneuverability. The heavy-duty steel construction and powder-coat finish gives you a durable and long-lasting product. The drain even includes a comfort, T-bar grip handle for easy portability.

Shop Tuff STF-15GODACP Oil Drain with 110V Pump - 15 Gallon Capa

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