$38 CNBTR 16 Pieces Black Bearing Steel Flat Bearings Guide Wheel Pu Industrial Scientific Power Transmission Products Black,Pieces,Wheel,Industrial Scientific , Power Transmission Products,CNBTR,Guide,Pu,/Averroist4402845.html,Bearings,16,Bearing,Steel,emcommerce.co.rs,$38,Flat CNBTR 16 Pieces Black Bearing Steel Cheap sale Wheel Guide Pu Bearings Flat Black,Pieces,Wheel,Industrial Scientific , Power Transmission Products,CNBTR,Guide,Pu,/Averroist4402845.html,Bearings,16,Bearing,Steel,emcommerce.co.rs,$38,Flat CNBTR 16 Pieces Black Bearing Steel Cheap sale Wheel Guide Pu Bearings Flat $38 CNBTR 16 Pieces Black Bearing Steel Flat Bearings Guide Wheel Pu Industrial Scientific Power Transmission Products

CNBTR San Jose Mall 16 Pieces Black Bearing Steel Cheap sale Wheel Guide Pu Bearings Flat

CNBTR 16 Pieces Black Bearing Steel Flat Bearings Guide Wheel Pu


CNBTR 16 Pieces Black Bearing Steel Flat Bearings Guide Wheel Pu

Product description

Color: Black
Material: Engineering Plastics amp; Bearing Steel
Load Bearing: 149 kg
Brand name: CNBTR
Size: 3.2x0.8x1.6 cm/1.25x0.31x0.62 inch(OD x ID x Thi)
Weight: 664 g

1.Load Bearing: 149 kg; Size: 3.2 x 0.8 x 1.6 cm/1.25 x 0.31 x 0.62 inch(OD x ID x Thi)
2.Suitable for door and window pulleys.
3.The item contains 16 pieces Flat Bearing Pulley made of Engineering Plastics and Bearing Steel.
4.If you have any question about the product, feel free to contact the CNBTR Service and we will try our best to give you a satisfactory answer.

Package Content:
16 x Flat Bearing Pulley

The unique MPN label on each inner package, which confirm it passed the quality inspection and it is genuine item sold from our shop. Please offer it to us when you need assistance.

CNBTR 16 Pieces Black Bearing Steel Flat Bearings Guide Wheel Pu

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