/Eloah2786788.html,Powered,Darts,-,XL5-22,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Gram,by,emcommerce.co.rs,Moveabl,$26,Fireball,Balancepoint,ACE $26 Fireball XL5-22 Gram Darts - Powered by Balancepoint ACE Moveabl Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $26 Fireball XL5-22 Gram Darts - Powered by Balancepoint ACE Moveabl Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness /Eloah2786788.html,Powered,Darts,-,XL5-22,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Gram,by,emcommerce.co.rs,Moveabl,$26,Fireball,Balancepoint,ACE Fireball NEW before selling ☆ XL5-22 Gram Darts - Powered by Balancepoint ACE Moveabl Fireball NEW before selling ☆ XL5-22 Gram Darts - Powered by Balancepoint ACE Moveabl

Fireball NEW before selling ☆ XL5-22 Gram Darts - Powered by Balancepoint In a popularity ACE Moveabl

Fireball XL5-22 Gram Darts - Powered by Balancepoint ACE Moveabl


Fireball XL5-22 Gram Darts - Powered by Balancepoint ACE Moveabl

Product description

The barrels have a Fully Knurled Grip and the design is based on a Hammerhead dart which now retails for $90+ per set. This ensures that you will feel the dart in your fingers. It also prevents the dart from slipping as it is released from the fingers. The darts are neutrally balanced which means that there are no unusual in-flight movements as the dart heads towards the board. The darts are fitted with aluminum shafts, Ex-Tough flights and there is a small dart case

Fireball XL5-22 Gram Darts - Powered by Balancepoint ACE Moveabl

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