$33 Vera Bradley Women's Recycled Lighten Up ReActive Drawstring Fam Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Lighten,Fam,ReActive,emcommerce.co.rs,Recycled,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$33,Drawstring,Bradley,Up,Vera,Women's,/Formalin2786903.html $33 Vera Bradley Women's Recycled Lighten Up ReActive Drawstring Fam Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Vera Bradley 1 year warranty Women's Recycled Lighten Up Fam Drawstring ReActive Vera Bradley 1 year warranty Women's Recycled Lighten Up Fam Drawstring ReActive Lighten,Fam,ReActive,emcommerce.co.rs,Recycled,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$33,Drawstring,Bradley,Up,Vera,Women's,/Formalin2786903.html

Vera Las Vegas Mall Bradley 1 year warranty Women's Recycled Lighten Up Fam Drawstring ReActive

Vera Bradley Women's Recycled Lighten Up ReActive Drawstring Fam


Vera Bradley Women's Recycled Lighten Up ReActive Drawstring Fam

Product description

ReActive is lightweight, durable, water-repellent and made from recycled PET water bottles. Exterior features 1 zip pocket and a slip pocket in bag collar. Drawstring closure. Spot clean with gentle detergent. Rinse thoroughly, lay flat to dry.. Vera Bradley totes work great as a purse or a handbag, but we also offer a beach tote, a market grocery tote, a lunch tote, and a plethora of tote bag for women - we are sure to have a tote bag that fits your needs!

From the manufacturer

Vera Bradley Women's Recycled Lighten Up ReActive Drawstring Fam

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