LSYBB Stainless Steel Mirror Surface Sill Door Cover Scuff Plate SALENEW very popular! $21 LSYBB Stainless Steel Mirror Surface Scuff Plate Door Sill Cover Automotive Interior Accessories Mirror,Automotive , Interior Accessories,/Formalin3204403.html,Surface,Plate,Scuff,LSYBB,Door,Sill,Steel,,$21,Cover,Stainless LSYBB Stainless Steel Mirror Surface Sill Door Cover Scuff Plate SALENEW very popular! $21 LSYBB Stainless Steel Mirror Surface Scuff Plate Door Sill Cover Automotive Interior Accessories Mirror,Automotive , Interior Accessories,/Formalin3204403.html,Surface,Plate,Scuff,LSYBB,Door,Sill,Steel,,$21,Cover,Stainless

LSYBB Stainless Steel Sales for sale Mirror Surface Sill Door Cover Scuff Plate SALENEW very popular

LSYBB Stainless Steel Mirror Surface Scuff Plate Door Sill Cover


LSYBB Stainless Steel Mirror Surface Scuff Plate Door Sill Cover

Product description

product description:
Product name: Stainless steel threshold protector
Condition: 100% brand new and high quality
Material: Attached with high quality stainless steel or ABS plastic tape
Features: 3M self-adhesive attached, easy to install, no tools required
Package Content: 4 pieces, 2 pieces L / R, 2 pieces L / R
Does not include manual

Installation method:
1. Use alcohol or detergent to clean the installation site (make sure there is no grease, wax or dust, etc.).
2. Please make sure that the installation position is completely suitable for the chassis before installation (note: if you have any questions or inappropriate, please contact us)
3. Tear off the strong double-sided tape on the back. If you encounter relatively low temperature, please use a hair dryer or lighter to heat it.
4. Stick it according to the comparison and press it for about 1-2 minutes (note: do not wash the car in 24 hours, the adhesive should be fixed after 12 hours)
5. The installation is complete. (Easy to install)

LSYBB Stainless Steel Mirror Surface Scuff Plate Door Sill Cover

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Black Rubber and Leather Strap, Rosa Pvd Buckle