$129 Dual Color Single Row CREE LED Light Bar 50 Inch 270w Off Road L Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Inch,Off,Row,Road,L,emcommerce.co.rs,Single,270w,$129,CREE,Color,/Nonruminantia2436590.html,Bar,Light,50,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Dual,LED Dual Color Single Row CREE LED Light Off 50 L Bar Inch 270w Road Mesa Mall Inch,Off,Row,Road,L,emcommerce.co.rs,Single,270w,$129,CREE,Color,/Nonruminantia2436590.html,Bar,Light,50,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Dual,LED Dual Color Single Row CREE LED Light Off 50 L Bar Inch 270w Road Mesa Mall $129 Dual Color Single Row CREE LED Light Bar 50 Inch 270w Off Road L Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories

Dual Color Single Row CREE LED Light Off Challenge the lowest price of Japan 50 L Bar Inch 270w Road Mesa Mall

Dual Color Single Row CREE LED Light Bar 50 Inch 270w Off Road L


Dual Color Single Row CREE LED Light Bar 50 Inch 270w Off Road L

Product description

Size:50 Inch 270w

LED Power: 270W
Intensity:24300LM .
Operating Voltage: 10-30 DC .
Waterproof rate: IP 67 .
27pcs*10w high intensity CREE LEDS .
Body Color: Black,White .
Color Temperature: 6000K .
Material:Diecast aluminum housing .
Lens material:PC .
Mounting Bracket: stainless steel bracket .
Beam: Flood beam pattern(60 degree), 30 degee spot beam optional . 30000 hours above life time .

Dual Color Single Row CREE LED Light Bar 50 Inch 270w Off Road L

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