Set,,FEL-PRO,$21,Gasket,/Nonruminantia3204190.html,MS,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Plenum,96456 $21 FEL-PRO MS 96456 Plenum Gasket Set Automotive Replacement Parts FEL-PRO MS 96456 Plenum Gasket Be super welcome Set Set,,FEL-PRO,$21,Gasket,/Nonruminantia3204190.html,MS,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Plenum,96456 FEL-PRO MS 96456 Plenum Gasket Be super welcome Set $21 FEL-PRO MS 96456 Plenum Gasket Set Automotive Replacement Parts

FEL-PRO Superlatite MS 96456 Plenum Gasket Be super welcome Set

FEL-PRO MS 96456 Plenum Gasket Set


FEL-PRO MS 96456 Plenum Gasket Set

From the manufacturer

intake gaskets

What is an Intake Manifold Gasket?

Designed to seal the intake manifold to the engine cylinder head(s), the intake manifold gasket helps ensure the engine gets the right mix of air and fuel to the cylinders. The gaskets may also seal coolant passages from the manifold to the head(s). Featuring proprietary molded rubber over an aluminized steel carrier which resists high heat, application-specific Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus intake manifold gaskets are easier to install with locating tabs to assure proper alignment and include torque limiters to help eliminate overtightening, gasket splitting and extruding.

FEL-PRO MS 96456 Plenum Gasket Set

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