$26 Partsam 2Pcs 7" Round Transit Backup Lights Amber 36 LED, 7 Inch Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Partsam 2Pcs 7" Ranking TOP5 Round Transit Backup Lights 7 LED Amber Inch 36 emcommerce.co.rs,Inch,/astigmism2948546.html,Lights,Transit,7,Amber,2Pcs,Backup,7",Partsam,$26,Round,36,LED,,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories $26 Partsam 2Pcs 7" Round Transit Backup Lights Amber 36 LED, 7 Inch Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories emcommerce.co.rs,Inch,/astigmism2948546.html,Lights,Transit,7,Amber,2Pcs,Backup,7",Partsam,$26,Round,36,LED,,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories Partsam 2Pcs 7" Ranking TOP5 Round Transit Backup Lights 7 LED Amber Inch 36

Partsam 2Pcs 7

Partsam 2Pcs 7" Round Transit Backup Lights Amber 36 LED, 7 Inch


Partsam 2Pcs 7" Round Transit Backup Lights Amber 36 LED, 7 Inch

Product Description

About PARTSam

7 inch round transit backup light

  • It all started in the summer of 2013 with a simple, with bold idea: make better auto parts. In other words, not just a better auto parts - a better way of doing things. A new kind of auto company that works hand in hand with users to do something amazing, something meaningful. Now PARTSam has grown tremendously to become one of the leading platforms of e-Commerce in the aftermarket auto parts industry.
  • Inventory Management/Warehouse amp; Fulfillment – With our warehouse located in Milpitas, California, we take care of the inventory management for our products. This saves manufacturers space, time, and headache.
  • Automated Multi-Channel Sales – We successfully advertise our products on multiple platforms and maintain top-rated healthy seller accounts, which keep customers drawn to our products. We are continually expanding our customer base as we add more sales channels.
  • Professional Seller - Customers will deal directly with us in regards to issues and concerns they experience with the products. Manufacturers will not have to deal directly with the individual customers, but will experience the benefits of their business, which is the typical win-win cooperation.


7 inch round school bus light

This 7 Inch Round white LED Transit backup Light is unversal tail lights and Great for School buses and refuge haulers. Of course you can use them on almost All automobiles and devices equipped with a 12 Volt DC power source such as Semi Truck, Semi Trailer, Service Truck, Bus, Service Van, Utility Truck, Enclosed Trailer, Utility Trailer, Parade Float, Horse Trailer, Utility Trailer, Pick Up Truck, UTE, UTV Peterbilt, freightliner, international ,Kenworth, mack and lorries etc.


7 inch round transit bus light

7" Diameter x 1-7/16" thick Waterproof round led transit light serves as backup light or reverse light; comes with heavy duty gasket. Surface mount on 6-1/4" centers. HARDWIRED with 3 wire pigtails. 12 Volts DC. 36 Bright LEDs with a clear lens and reflector;


7 inch round bus light

3-Wire design - includes lead wires for power and ground wire

7 inch round led tail light

IP65 Waterproof, Free to Use in Heavy Rain. Keep Your Vehicle Well-Marked and Safety Ensured. Epoxy encapsulated electronics prevents damage from water and corrosion.

7 inch round led  bus tail light

Surface mount and comes with heavy duty gasket, screws are included for complete mounting

Partsam 2Pcs 7" Round Transit Backup Lights Amber 36 LED, 7 Inch

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