$110 UXZDX Aquarium Heating Thermostat System Fish Tank Adjustable Wa Automotive Tools Equipment Tank,$110,/buchnerite3076227.html,Fish,Wa,Thermostat,Aquarium,emcommerce.co.rs,UXZDX,Adjustable,System,Heating,Automotive , Tools Equipment UXZDX Aquarium Special sale item Heating Thermostat System Wa Fish Adjustable Tank Tank,$110,/buchnerite3076227.html,Fish,Wa,Thermostat,Aquarium,emcommerce.co.rs,UXZDX,Adjustable,System,Heating,Automotive , Tools Equipment UXZDX Aquarium Special sale item Heating Thermostat System Wa Fish Adjustable Tank $110 UXZDX Aquarium Heating Thermostat System Fish Tank Adjustable Wa Automotive Tools Equipment

UXZDX Aquarium Special sale item Heating Thermostat System Max 89% OFF Wa Fish Adjustable Tank

UXZDX Aquarium Heating Thermostat System Fish Tank Adjustable Wa


UXZDX Aquarium Heating Thermostat System Fish Tank Adjustable Wa

Product description


Made of high borosilicate Glass and plastic material, high heating speed, perfect double waterproof design, heat resistant, Safe and reliable in both fresh and salt water aquariums.
Easy to use, Safe, Precise adjustable temperature.
Includes two suction cups for mounting.
Full electronic control, stable and safety.
Voltage: 110V-240V, Plug: US Standard.

25W Aquarium Heater
Fit for fish tank size: 20-30CM/7.87-11.81inch, Size(LxW): Approx. 22x1.8cm/8.66x0.71inch,
50W Aquarium Heater
Fit for fish tank size: 30-40CM/11.81-15.75inch, Size(LxW): Approx. 22x1.8cm/8.66x0.71inch,
100W Aquarium Heater
Fit for fish tank size: 40-60CM/15.75-23.62inch, Size(LxW): Approx. 26x1.8cm/10.24x0.71inch,
200W Aquarium Heater
Fit for fish tank size: 50-70CM/19.69-27.56inch, Size(LxW): Approx. 32x1.8cm/12.60x0.71inch,
300W Aquarium Heater
Fit for fish tank size: 80-100CM/31.50-39.37inch, Size(LxW): Approx. 35x1.8cm/13.78x0.71inch,

Package Includes:
1 Piece Aquarium Heater
2 Piece Suction Cup

Since the size above is measured by hand, the size of the actual item could be slightly different from the the size above.
Due to the lighting effects, monitor settings,etc.There could be some slight difference in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item.
Compact, durable and not easy to rust.

UXZDX Aquarium Heating Thermostat System Fish Tank Adjustable Wa

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