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Max 48% OFF HDBUBALUS Motorcycle Weather Resistant Trunk Tail Collapsible Tr Popular popular

HDBUBALUS Motorcycle Weather Resistant Collapsible Tail Trunk Tr


HDBUBALUS Motorcycle Weather Resistant Collapsible Tail Trunk Tr

Product description

Condition:100% Brand New Black Motorcycle Luggage Rack Bag with Secure Straps and reflective Waterproof bag

Material:Made of High Quality Nylon

Highly durable
Load-bearing up to 25 pounds
Collapsible Travel Luggage Bag provides ample room to storage your gloves,toolboxes,raincoats

Package Include:
1 X Luggage Rack bag+ 1 X Waterproof bag

Fits models equipped with Tour-Pak, Trike or Sidecar Luggage Racks (Except Mini Rack P/N 53100-96)

HDBUBALUS Motorcycle Weather Resistant Collapsible Tail Trunk Tr

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