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FREEDOM Basic Foot Orthosis BFO Philadelphia Mall 11-12 A surprise price is realized 6 Size Men's

FREEDOM Basic Foot Orthosis (BFO), Size 6, Men's 11-12


FREEDOM Basic Foot Orthosis (BFO), Size 6, Men's 11-12

Product description

FREEDOM Basic Foot Orthosis (BFO) More support, control and durability than the Accommodator. Incorporating an upper layer of Aliplast and a supportive layer of Plastazote, this unique combination has made the widespread in-office fabrication of custom-molded orthoses possible. The forgiving BFO is readily tolerated, even during the most active sports. This flexible orthosis can be used off-the-shelf for basic arch support or modified with a wedge or ground for pronation/supination control. You can also easily incorporate it into a custom device tailored to meet a specific patient need. Weight capacity: approximately 300 lbs.

FREEDOM Basic Foot Orthosis (BFO), Size 6, Men's 11-12

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