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Wemaliyzd Men's Premiun Tweed Blend Check Max 56% OFF Dress Flat Front Overseas parallel import regular item Pants

Wemaliyzd Men's Premiun Tweed Blend Flat Front Check Dress Pants


Wemaliyzd Men's Premiun Tweed Blend Flat Front Check Dress Pants

Product description

Wemaliyzd Men's Premiun Tweed Blend Flat Front Check Dress Pants
Fabric: Tweed blend
Package Include:1 x Pants (Any accessories aren't inclued)
Size Chart
Refer to Our Merchant size chart before you buy.
29W x 30L
30W x 32L
32W x 32L
33W x 32L
34W x 32L
36W x 32L
38W x 32L
40W x 32L
42W x 32L
44W x 32L
Warm Prompt
* Wash Instruction: Machine wash or Hand wash in cold water, No Bleach, Low iron and tumble dry on low heat.
* There is a certain color difference due to the different resolution of computer display, thanks for your understanding.

Wemaliyzd Men's Premiun Tweed Blend Flat Front Check Dress Pants

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