$147,lb.,Jack,Capacity,Barker,Automotive , RV Parts Accessories,emcommerce.co.rs,Power,3000,/craniograph2948552.html,VIP,(30826,- $147 Barker (30826 VIP Power Jack - 3000 lb. Capacity Automotive RV Parts Accessories Barker 30826 VIP Power Jack Quality inspection Capacity lb. 3000 - Barker 30826 VIP Power Jack Quality inspection Capacity lb. 3000 - $147,lb.,Jack,Capacity,Barker,Automotive , RV Parts Accessories,emcommerce.co.rs,Power,3000,/craniograph2948552.html,VIP,(30826,- $147 Barker (30826 VIP Power Jack - 3000 lb. Capacity Automotive RV Parts Accessories

Barker 30826 VIP Power Jack Quality inspection Capacity lb. 3000 SEAL limited product -

Barker (30826 VIP Power Jack - 3000 lb. Capacity


Barker (30826 VIP Power Jack - 3000 lb. Capacity

Product description

Size:3000 Lb

3,000 pounds Lifting Capacity; 2 inch Diameter Outer Post, 18 inch Stroke. Night Light, Level, Attached Foot Pad, Powder Coated and Plated. 1 Year Warranty, Emergency Crank-Through Head, Emergency Crank Included. Sealed Weatherproof Inner Tube. 10 Gauge Hook-up Wire Meets RVIA Standards.

Barker (30826 VIP Power Jack - 3000 lb. Capacity

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