Fits Nissan 350Z - High-Performance Tuner and Chip Power Mail order cheap Tuning /dissatisfiedness2786928.html,Chip,$62,and,-,High-Performance,Nissan,Fits,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Tuner,Tuning,350Z,,Power $62 Fits Nissan 350Z - High-Performance Tuner Chip and Power Tuning Automotive Replacement Parts /dissatisfiedness2786928.html,Chip,$62,and,-,High-Performance,Nissan,Fits,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Tuner,Tuning,350Z,,Power $62 Fits Nissan 350Z - High-Performance Tuner Chip and Power Tuning Automotive Replacement Parts Fits Nissan 350Z - High-Performance Tuner and Chip Power Mail order cheap Tuning

Fits Nissan 350Z - High-Performance Tuner and Chip Power Mail gift order cheap Tuning

Fits Nissan 350Z - High-Performance Tuner Chip and Power Tuning


Fits Nissan 350Z - High-Performance Tuner Chip and Power Tuning

Product description

The Power Tune arrives pre-loaded with custom DYNO Proven tuner technology that INCREASES HORSEPOWER and TORQUE! Tuning and programming your vehicle is so easy anyone can do it. Simply plug the Power Tune into your vehicle's OBDII port to unleash hidden power!

- Boosts Horsepower up to 35%
- Up to 25% Added Torque
- Enhanced Throttle Response
- Improves 0-60 Acceleration
- Smother Engagement amp; Crisper Shifting
- Eliminates Engine amp; Turbo Lag
- Quick 60 Second Installation
- Guaranteed Safe for Your Vehicle
- Dyno Tested amp; Approved Performance
- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

How it works:

This Power Tune plugs into the OBD port of your vehicle. It then downloads real-time data through your OBD connection allowing the module to study your driving habits over a short period. It then safely optimizes the ignition spark advance, air to fuel ratios and transmission shifting for the ultimate horsepower and torque gains. This results in increased throttle response, low end torque and acceleration.

How to Install Power Tune:

Installation is so easy that anyone could do it. The chip simply plugs into the OBD Port under your cars dashboard. This port is usually near the steering wheel on the driver’s side. Should you decide to uninstall the tuner, just unplug it and your vehicle will go back to its factory settings.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is Power Tune compatible with my Manual or Automatic vehicle?

A: Yes, this module is compatible with all transmission types.

Q: Will the Chip Void my Vehicle Warranty?

A: No. The module never overwrites factory data and always preserves your warranty coverage.

Q: Does The Power Tune Module have a Warranty?

A: Yes. The module is covered by a 1 year warranty against defect, malfunction, or failure

Fits Nissan 350Z - High-Performance Tuner Chip and Power Tuning

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