$23 Mens Unisex Mid-Long Renaissance Medieval Victorian Waistcoat Ve Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Mens Unisex Mid-Long Renaissance Victorian Ve Medieval Selling rankings Waistcoat Mid-Long,Renaissance,/flabbergastation2436437.html,Medieval,emcommerce.co.rs,Victorian,Ve,Unisex,Waistcoat,$23,Mens,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men Mens Unisex Mid-Long Renaissance Victorian Ve Medieval Selling rankings Waistcoat Mid-Long,Renaissance,/flabbergastation2436437.html,Medieval,emcommerce.co.rs,Victorian,Ve,Unisex,Waistcoat,$23,Mens,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men $23 Mens Unisex Mid-Long Renaissance Medieval Victorian Waistcoat Ve Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

Mens Unisex Mid-Long Renaissance Victorian Ve Medieval Selling New life rankings Waistcoat

Mens Unisex Mid-Long Renaissance Medieval Victorian Waistcoat Ve


Mens Unisex Mid-Long Renaissance Medieval Victorian Waistcoat Ve

Product description

Size Measurement:
Medium: Chest: 40.55¡±/103cm, Waist: 37.40¡±/95cm, Shoulder: 18.11¡±/46cm, Total Length: 40.35¡±/102.5cm
Large: Chest: 42.52¡±/108cm, Waist: 39.37¡±/100cm, Shoulder: 18.50¡±/47cm, Total Length: 40.94¡±/104cm
X-Large: Chest: 44.48¡±/113cm, Waist: 41.34¡±/105cm, Shoulder: 18.90¡±/48cm, Total Length: 41.53¡±/105.5cm
XX-Large: Chest: 46.45¡±/118cm, Waist: 43.31¡±/110cm, Shoulder: 19.29¡±/49cm, Total Length: 42.12¡±/107cm
3X-Large: Chest: 48.42¡±/123cm, Waist: 45.27¡±/115cm, Shoulder: 19.68¡±/50cm, Total Length: 42.72¡±/108.5cm

Mens Unisex Mid-Long Renaissance Medieval Victorian Waistcoat Ve

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