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67% OFF of fixed price Columbia Men's SALENEW very popular! Pivot Wp Hiking Shoe

Columbia Men's Pivot Wp Hiking Shoe


Columbia Men's Pivot Wp Hiking Shoe

Product description

Born for multi-sport performance, and designed for the trail, the Men’s Pivot Waterproof Shoes deliver superior breathability and comfort, with all-surface traction for any terrain. You'll find this shoe at home on the trail, street, or ready casual everyday wear... complete with Columbia quality and style. Knit body with suede and synthetic leather construction with toe and heel caps for extra protection and durability, deliver essential fit and support. Breathable construction keep feet cool, dry, and comfortable over gravel paths — or just inside, scuff-free and without worry. Columbia offers these men’s shoes in multiple colors, with true-to-size fit.

From the manufacturer

Columbia Men's Pivot Wp Hiking Shoe

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