HTTMT MT313-009-BK Custom Made Aluminium Cover Engine Com Selling and selling Stator Cover,$34,/flowerless2436347.html,MT313-009-BK,Stator,Made,,Custom,Aluminium,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Engine,HTTMT,Com $34 HTTMT MT313-009-BK Custom Made Aluminium Engine Stator Cover Com Automotive Replacement Parts Cover,$34,/flowerless2436347.html,MT313-009-BK,Stator,Made,,Custom,Aluminium,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Engine,HTTMT,Com HTTMT MT313-009-BK Custom Made Aluminium Cover Engine Com Selling and selling Stator $34 HTTMT MT313-009-BK Custom Made Aluminium Engine Stator Cover Com Automotive Replacement Parts

HTTMT MT313-009-BK Custom Made Aluminium Cover Engine Com Selling and selling Mail order Stator

HTTMT MT313-009-BK Custom Made Aluminium Engine Stator Cover Com


HTTMT MT313-009-BK Custom Made Aluminium Engine Stator Cover Com

Product description



Replace the damaged engine cover and enhance the look with a high quality brand new one
Long lasting and durable
Pre-drilled holes and coating are in place to ensure finish consistency


Color:Same as picture show
Condition: Brand New Aftermarket
Materials: High Quality Billet Aluminum
Installation: Directly replacement
Easy install, no installation guide

Package Included:

1 X Engine Cover(screws and gasket not included)


2001-2003 Suzuki GSX-R 600
2000-2003 Suzuki GSX-R 750
2001-2002 Suzuki GSX-R 1000

HTTMT MT313-009-BK Custom Made Aluminium Engine Stator Cover Com

TOI Facts
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