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Peigen Womens Free Shipping New Long Formal 2021 Dresses Elegant N Casual Solid V Color

Peigen Womens Long Formal Dresses Elegant Casual Solid Color V N


Peigen Womens Long Formal Dresses Elegant Casual Solid Color V N

Product description

❤Size: Small
Bust: 94cm/37.01''
Waist: 70cm/27.56''
Sleeve: 34cm/13.39''
Length: 123cm/48.43''
❤Size: Medium
Bust: 98cm/38.58''
Waist: 74cm/29.13''
Sleeve: 35cm/13.78''
Length: 124cm/48.82''
❤Size: Large
Bust: 102cm/40.16''
Waist: 78cm/30.71''
Sleeve: 36cm/14.17''
Length: 125cm/49.21''
❤Size: X-Large
Bust: 106cm/41.73''
Waist: 82cm/32.28''
Sleeve: 37cm/14.57''
Length: 126cm/49.61'' "

※※【❤ Dresses Information】※※

Gender: Women
Occasion: Daily,home,Work,Beach,etc.
Material: Ployester
Style: Casual,Fahion
Fit: Fits ture to size
Thickness: Standard
How to wash: Hand wash Cold,Hang or Line Dry
What you get:1PC Women Dress

Peigen Womens Long Formal Dresses Elegant Casual Solid Color V N

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