Mode,,12",/gypsyry2820641.html,Memory,White,Auxbeam,LED,Strobe,Light,300W,6,Bar,Amber,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,$42 Mode,,12",/gypsyry2820641.html,Memory,White,Auxbeam,LED,Strobe,Light,300W,6,Bar,Amber,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,$42 $42 Auxbeam 12" LED Strobe Light Bar 300W Amber White 6 Mode Memory Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Auxbeam 12" Large discharge sale LED Strobe Light Bar 300W 6 Mode White Amber Memory Auxbeam 12" Large discharge sale LED Strobe Light Bar 300W 6 Mode White Amber Memory $42 Auxbeam 12" LED Strobe Light Bar 300W Amber White 6 Mode Memory Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories

Auxbeam 12

Auxbeam 12" LED Strobe Light Bar 300W Amber White 6 Mode Memory


Auxbeam 12" LED Strobe Light Bar 300W Amber White 6 Mode Memory

Product Description


Auxbeam 12 Inch LED Strobe Light Bar with Amber White 6 Lighting Mode by 300W 30000LM Spot amp; Flood Combo Beam

6 Lighting modes, 2 Beam combo, Auxbeam integrates the function of spot amp; flood light + warning light into one LED LIGHT BAR and has developed SIX luminous modes. And it costs half as much as other LED strips. In other words, you may need to order two sets of LED bars (one spot flood light and one warning light) for your vehicle. But now, all you need is a set of Auxbeam 6 Mode Strobe LED Light Bar


  • Q: What's the difference between Auxbeam 6 mode lights and normal LED lights?

------ Auxbeam 6 mode light bars can be used for off-road, jungle adventures. Amber lights are highly penetrating and are ideal for use as warning lights or LED fog lights for trucks. White light is used for LED running lights or working lights.

  • Q: How to change the mode?

------ With a specific on/off switch, you can quickly switch between different lighting modes in 1 second. As an upgrade to the 6 lighting modes, we added memory and synchronization:

A: When the power is off, the light will remain in the previous light mode the next time it is turned on.

B: Hold down the mode switch on the wire harness for more than 3 seconds. The light will return to the first mode (white light).

  • Q: How to connect 6 modes?

------ Please connect the red line and black line respectively to the positive and negative terminals of the switch, and the yellow line to another switch (this switch is used to control the optical conversion).

  • Q: How to deal with the water vapor in the work lamp?

------ Usually design one or two vents are to dissipate heat, prevent tube heat expansion cold contraction deformation, so the steam inside the lamp is normal, as long as the lamp turned, it will soon evaporate. When it is damp, you can turn it on several times a day to dry the light.

Auxbeam 12" LED Strobe Light Bar 300W Amber White 6 Mode Memory

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