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Memo Sprint CP Kids Direct sale of manufacturer outlet Ankle Support Built-in AFO Brace Combat Boot

Memo Sprint CP Kids Ankle Support Built-in AFO Brace Combat Boot


Memo Sprint CP Kids Ankle Support Built-in AFO Brace Combat Boot

Product Description

Memo is the highest quality European children footwear in classic style, made of natural materials soft grain and nubuck leather and ideally adapts to the child's foot, without causing discomfort and skin irritation. Elaborated for many years construction and montage technology were recognized by specialists as an effective method of preventing and treatment of the most common postural defects.

Memo Active Collection that consists of SPRINT boot and BASIC sandal was created for small and large patients with specific feet defects. It is dedicated mainly to Cerebral Palsy patients. A form of the footwear, special corset heel counter and fastening belt ensures proper functioning and defect correction.

Memo footwear models were evaluated by doctor of medicine Anna Lukaszewska – pediatrician, medical rehabilitation specialist – Head of Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic in The Children’s Memorial Health Institute. Published opinion confirms that Memo diagnostic footwear has positive influence on the child’s foot growth and posture development, corrects foot complaints and simplifies rehabilitation process of children with functional defects.

Memo System is well known among pediatricians and orthopedists. It is particularly recommended for the defects prevention and correction of existing abnormalities/deformities. Positive effect of using Memo System was confirmed by study in 2010.

Memo Shoes Key Features

Key Features

UPPER: high and surrounding ankle, made of natural leather, finished with a soft collar, reinforced edges of the foot, easy fitting.

LACING: Velcro straps that tightens the whole upper, optimal adaptation to the individual foot width, protects against pressure and edema.

STABILIZING BELT: tightening strap improves foot stability, helps to maintain proper heel alignment.

TOE BOX: high and wide, provides proper position for the toes and unhampered toe movements.

OUTSOLE: made of styrogum, improves traction and stability, anti-slip surface, built-in Thomas heel (Thomas heel is higher on the medial edge. It provides support to the medial longitudinal arch, useful in treatment of heel valgus.) Modifiable sole material.

HEEL COUNTER: together with stiffener act as AFO/KAFO braces.

APPLICATION: Congenital defects of feet at youth cerebral palsy and myelomeningocele (eg. clubfoot) Asymmetry of lower limbs length and asymmetry of length of the foot. Other biomechanical abnormalities of ankle joint requiring correction.

Memo Size Chart

Memo Sprint CP Kids Ankle Support Built-in AFO Brace Combat Boot

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