$1806 GemsNY 3.45 cttw. Natural Blue Sapphire Square Matched Pair Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Shoe, Jewelry Watch Accessorie Square,$1806,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Shoe, Jewelry Watch Accessorie,Blue,Sapphire,Matched,/intruder2786660.html,cttw.,3.45,emcommerce.co.rs,Natural,GemsNY,Pair GemsNY 3.45 cttw. Natural Blue Square Pair Matched Max 86% OFF Sapphire GemsNY 3.45 cttw. Natural Blue Square Pair Matched Max 86% OFF Sapphire $1806 GemsNY 3.45 cttw. Natural Blue Sapphire Square Matched Pair Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Shoe, Jewelry Watch Accessorie Square,$1806,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Shoe, Jewelry Watch Accessorie,Blue,Sapphire,Matched,/intruder2786660.html,cttw.,3.45,emcommerce.co.rs,Natural,GemsNY,Pair

GemsNY 3.45 Max 67% OFF cttw. Natural Blue Square Pair Matched Max 86% OFF Sapphire

GemsNY 3.45 cttw. Natural Blue Sapphire Square Matched Pair


GemsNY 3.45 cttw. Natural Blue Sapphire Square Matched Pair

Product description

  • Matched pair of Natural Blue Sapphire Squares measure 6.45X6.42X4.22mm. The total combined weight of the pair is 3.45 carats. These gems have heat enhancement. Only 1 Pair Available!

GemsNY 3.45 cttw. Natural Blue Sapphire Square Matched Pair

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