APDTY 141514 Universal 1080P Dual Rear Front And Dash or Backup 67% OFF of fixed price 1080P,141514,APDTY,$22,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,Universal,Backup,/intruder3204460.html,Rear,Dash,Dual,And/or,emcommerce.co.rs,Front $22 APDTY 141514 Universal 1080P Dual Rear Backup And/or Front Dash Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics 1080P,141514,APDTY,$22,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,Universal,Backup,/intruder3204460.html,Rear,Dash,Dual,And/or,emcommerce.co.rs,Front $22 APDTY 141514 Universal 1080P Dual Rear Backup And/or Front Dash Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics APDTY 141514 Universal 1080P Dual Rear Front And Dash or Backup 67% OFF of fixed price

APDTY 141514 Universal 1080P Dual Rear Front And Dash or Backup 67% OFF of Animer and price revision fixed price

APDTY 141514 Universal 1080P Dual Rear Backup And/or Front Dash


APDTY 141514 Universal 1080P Dual Rear Backup And/or Front Dash

Product description

Brand New Premium Dual Lens 1080P Dashboard Video Recorder amp; Backup Camera
Universal; Can Be Installed On Any Vehicle
Requires TF Storage Card Which Is Not Included = Up To a 32GB TF Card Can Be Used
Includes 170 Degree Wide Angle HD Front Suction Cup Mounted Camera With Clear 4 Inch HD 1080P Display
Also Includes Remote Rear Mount 720P Wide Angle Camera For Backup Or Parking Assist
Reverse Image System Shows A Clear Track For Backing Up Safely Especially In The Dark
Automatically Starts Recording When Parked And An Impact Is Detected
Picture In Picture Optoins To View Both Cameras At The Same Time
Language :English/ Traditional Chinese/ Simplified Chinese /Japanese/Russian/French/Spanish German/Italian/Portuguese/Polish/Korean/Roman/Slovak
Video Resolution Front: 1080P(1920*1080),720P(1280*720) Back: 720P
Video format :MOV(H.264)
Picture format :JPG
Memory card :TF card(maximum supported to 32GB,access speed class 10 above,it is not included)
Microphone/Speaker :Built-in
Frequency :50Hz/60Hz
Port :AV IN/Micro USB/TF card slot
Power :DC5V 1500mA
Battery :300mAH Battery built-in

⚠ California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

APDTY 141514 Universal 1080P Dual Rear Backup And/or Front Dash

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