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WORSY Desk Lamps Lamp European Light online shop Max 62% OFF Country Retro Warm American

WORSY Desk Lamps Lamp European American Country Retro Warm Light


WORSY Desk Lamps Lamp European American Country Retro Warm Light

Product description

Material: resin + cloth.
Product size: height 60cm* lampshade diameter 37cm* base diameter 19cm.
Gross weight: 3.5kg.
Power: 41W-50W.
Voltage: 111V-240V.
Light source type: E27.
Whether to include a light source: Yes.
Style: American country, European, retro, warm.
Switch type: push button switch.
Applicable space: study, bedroom, bedside table, living room, and others.
Customer Service - Our customer satisfaction is our heart - If you have any questions or comments, we look forward to your message.

WORSY Desk Lamps Lamp European American Country Retro Warm Light

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