$24 3ml Empty Nail Oil Pen with Brush, Twist Pen for Tooth Whitening Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Rapid rise 3ml Empty Nail Oil Pen with Twist Tooth for Brush Whitening $24 3ml Empty Nail Oil Pen with Brush, Twist Pen for Tooth Whitening Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories emcommerce.co.rs,/lymphangioma2820555.html,Nail,Tooth,for,with,Pen,Whitening,Empty,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Pen,Brush,,Oil,3ml,$24,Twist emcommerce.co.rs,/lymphangioma2820555.html,Nail,Tooth,for,with,Pen,Whitening,Empty,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Pen,Brush,,Oil,3ml,$24,Twist Rapid rise 3ml Empty Nail Oil Pen with Twist Tooth for Brush Whitening

Rapid rise 3ml Empty Nail Oil Pen with Twist Tooth for Brush Spring new work Whitening

3ml Empty Nail Oil Pen with Brush, Twist Pen for Tooth Whitening


3ml Empty Nail Oil Pen with Brush, Twist Pen for Tooth Whitening

Product description


Available anytime, anywhere
Please filling with liquid and then installed the brush
After use, remember to cover the pen cap
Uses for filling lip gloss, nail nutrition oil, essential oils, nail polish, eyelash growth, perfume, etc

Length: approx. 12.5cm / 4.92 inch
Material: Plastic and Aluminium
Color: Gold
Capacity: 3ml

Package Includes:
24 Pieces Empty Twist Pens

This product is not suitable for filling acid alkaline or higher alcohol concentration liquid.
It will be not able to twist back for refilling once twisting to the top.

3ml Empty Nail Oil Pen with Brush, Twist Pen for Tooth Whitening

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