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TIRE Some Popular brand in the world reservation COVER CENTRAL Custom Text Only Lettering C Wheel Tire Spare

TIRE COVER CENTRAL Custom Text Only Lettering Wheel Spare Tire C


TIRE COVER CENTRAL Custom Text Only Lettering Wheel Spare Tire C

Product description


Backup cameras- All of our covers can accommodate a back up camera opening so please select the correct option from the drop down menu. Also, contact us if your camera is not factory centered.

Security-Each cover includes a set of grommets with heavy duty locking zip tie to help prevent theft.

Durability-We use top of the line UV resistant, Latex optimized, scratch resistant inks for printing. Assuring the image will not flake off like air brushed covers and last for years.

The front of the cover is a digital print on scrim vinyl with a slight gloss that produces a vibrant image. Covering the tread area is black marine grade vinyl within a 90 lb rope casing.However, if you vehicle requires elastic installation, please contact us after your order has been placed.

A note about ordering your tire size

The numbers 15, 16, 17 etc., refer only to rim size. Spare tire covers are custom made for your exact tire size, so please provide all the numbers on the sidewall of the tire.  Look for something like this example: P255/75r15 or 30x9.50x15.

Have a hard shell?

Although Tire Cover Central only produces soft covers, they easily slide over your existing hard shell.  Rather than your tire size, please provide the following measurements: the diameter at the widest point of the front circle and the depth of the hard shell.  Also, make sure your can get your hand in back of the hard shell cover. Our standard production uses rope, so let us know if you would prefer elastic instead.

Easy to follow installation instructions will be included with your cover.

TIRE COVER CENTRAL Custom Text Only Lettering Wheel Spare Tire C

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