Yanjianhon Mudguards Car Mud Easy-to-use Flaps for Swift Suzuki II 2 2005-20 $42 Yanjianhon Mudguards Car Mud Flaps for Suzuki Swift 2 II 2005-20 Automotive Replacement Parts Yanjianhon Mudguards Car Mud Easy-to-use Flaps for Swift Suzuki II 2 2005-20 Mudguards,Car,for,/lymphangioma3489455.html,Swift,Suzuki,Flaps,2005-20,Yanjianhon,Automotive , Replacement Parts,II,$42,2,emcommerce.co.rs,Mud Mudguards,Car,for,/lymphangioma3489455.html,Swift,Suzuki,Flaps,2005-20,Yanjianhon,Automotive , Replacement Parts,II,$42,2,emcommerce.co.rs,Mud $42 Yanjianhon Mudguards Car Mud Flaps for Suzuki Swift 2 II 2005-20 Automotive Replacement Parts

Yanjianhon Mudguards Car Mud Max 59% OFF Easy-to-use Flaps for Swift Suzuki II 2 2005-20

Yanjianhon Mudguards Car Mud Flaps for Suzuki Swift 2 II 2005-20


Yanjianhon Mudguards Car Mud Flaps for Suzuki Swift 2 II 2005-20

Product description

Please Leave A Message And Indicate The Car's Model And Year, So That We Can Better And Faster To Prepare The Right Accessories For You
for Suzuki Swift II, 3Dramp;5Dr (2005-2010, Second Generation Type)
Not compatible with aerodynamics kit, side skirts, body kit etc

Don't like splash and paint chipping? Car Mudflaps Can Protect Your Vehicle From Mud, Dirt, Rocks, Water.

When you install these mud guards, consider your vehicle protected. These mud guards are thick, rigid, and provide coverage to protect the doors, fenders, and nerf bars behind your tires. Don't worry about the elements that your tires are kicking up, we'll block them.

Why should you choose our Mudguards Fender?
▶Strong Toughness
Durable ABS material, Wear resistant, Anti collision, Not easily deformed.

▶All-Weather Protection
Due to the Advanced Manufacturing Technology of our company, Mud Flaps remains in good protective effect in the extremely hot or cold weather.

▶Original Car Mold
Original car design, Close fit after installation.

▶Simple Design
Reserve screw holes for easy installation and disassembly.

New (Quality Checked before shipping)
Composition: 4Pcs (1Set); a Bag of Screw Fixings
Made: Made in China
Material: High Grade Semi-Rigid ABS Platic. Molded Splash Guards.

Installation instructions:
1、the car at the bottom of the original car screws with a wrench to screw down.
2、take on the Mud flaps , good location, the screws installed.
3、the screws installed in the corresponding hole on the Mud flaps.
4、the rest of the holes installed can be installed.

Please note:
1.These are aftermaket custom-fit molded mudflaps, it can be fitted by drilling new holes. This will not damage your car, and it is a common practise to install after market mud flaps.
2.Please check as much as possible to make sure the item is the one that you need!

Yanjianhon Mudguards Car Mud Flaps for Suzuki Swift 2 II 2005-20

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