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Product description

Professional Steam Master This is a new 60 Hz professional Steam Master with an electronic foot pedal Automatic reset will shut down the machine so it does not burn up, if the water level goes too low Holds 2 gallons of water Takes 30 minutes to heat up Has 60 lbs of pressure to clean jewelry for days No installation required One year warranty It measures approximately 14" x 16 3/4" x 25 1/2" (35.5 x 42.5 x 65 cm)



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Welcome to Ken Bromley Art Supplies. We're a family-run business which stocks a huge range of art materials for painting and drawing. Buy your art supplies at discount prices, with unbeatable service and worldwide delivery.

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Arches 140lb Watercolour Paper Blocks
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Latest From The Blog

Q&A with Artist Rochelle Clarke
By Ken Bromley Art Supplies on 16th Aug 2021

Rochelle Clarke’s work is rooted in the free expression of women of colour, self-care and activism. This month we caught up with her for a Q&A session.

Beginners Guide: How to use Gouache
By Murray Ince on 14th Aug 2021

Gouache paint is great to work with and one of the less well-known mediums, an opaque watercolour and therefore more forgiving. Gouache is the latest variation of similar painting mediums, gouaches predecessors were Egg Tempera...

Teddy Bear Gouache Tutorial
By Murray Ince on 11th Aug 2021

Step by step tutorial of ‘Harriet’ the teddy bear painted in gouache by Murray Ince.

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