ZQAFAC 2pcs 320mm Motorcycle Dirt Street Quad Cheap mail order sales Motor Rea ATV Bike Quad,ATV,/mug2948470.html,Bike,Motorcycle,ZQAFAC,2pcs,Street,$266,Rea,emcommerce.co.rs,Dirt,320mm,Motor,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports Quad,ATV,/mug2948470.html,Bike,Motorcycle,ZQAFAC,2pcs,Street,$266,Rea,emcommerce.co.rs,Dirt,320mm,Motor,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports $266 ZQAFAC 2pcs 320mm Motorcycle Dirt Street Motor Bike ATV Quad Rea Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $266 ZQAFAC 2pcs 320mm Motorcycle Dirt Street Motor Bike ATV Quad Rea Automotive Motorcycle Powersports ZQAFAC 2pcs 320mm Motorcycle Dirt Street Quad Cheap mail order sales Motor Rea ATV Bike

ZQAFAC 2pcs 320mm Motorcycle Dirt Street Quad Cheap mail shopping order sales Motor Rea ATV Bike

ZQAFAC 2pcs 320mm Motorcycle Dirt Street Motor Bike ATV Quad Rea


ZQAFAC 2pcs 320mm Motorcycle Dirt Street Motor Bike ATV Quad Rea

Product description

Material: 6063 Aluminum
Total Length:
350mm (13.78inch)
Eye To Eye Center Length:
320 (12.60inch)
Eye Diameter: 12mm (0.47inch)
Spring thickness: 6.5mm (0.26inch)
Spring Width(approx): 63 mm (2.48inch)
Max loading:
lt;;=200kg/each pcs
lt;;=450lb/each pcs
Packing:Anti collision cotton + Box
Package included:
2*Shock Absorber
2*10mm copper rings

ZQAFAC 2pcs 320mm Motorcycle Dirt Street Motor Bike ATV Quad Rea

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