V-MAXZONE PARTS Wheel Spacers Topics on TV 20mm E-1037 5x108 Compatibl 65 1mm Wheel,$52,E-1037,20mm,Automotive , Tires Wheels,5x108,V-MAXZONE,Compatibl,65,1mm,emcommerce.co.rs,Spacers,PARTS,/Chaetura2465171.html $52 V-MAXZONE PARTS Wheel Spacers 20mm 65,1mm 5x108 E-1037 Compatibl Automotive Tires Wheels V-MAXZONE PARTS Wheel Spacers Topics on TV 20mm E-1037 5x108 Compatibl 65 1mm Wheel,$52,E-1037,20mm,Automotive , Tires Wheels,5x108,V-MAXZONE,Compatibl,65,1mm,emcommerce.co.rs,Spacers,PARTS,/Chaetura2465171.html $52 V-MAXZONE PARTS Wheel Spacers 20mm 65,1mm 5x108 E-1037 Compatibl Automotive Tires Wheels

V-MAXZONE PARTS Wheel Spacers Topics on TV 20mm E-1037 5x108 Compatibl New Orleans Mall 65 1mm

V-MAXZONE PARTS Wheel Spacers 20mm 65,1mm 5x108 E-1037 Compatibl


V-MAXZONE PARTS Wheel Spacers 20mm 65,1mm 5x108 E-1037 Compatibl

Product description

The price applies to a set for one axle with countersunk screws (they do not match the original citroen alloy wheels)
20mm thick spacers per side with centering flange.

Product description:
material - PA6 duralumin
distance thickness - 20mm thick per side (40mm thick per axis)
hole / flange diameter - 65,1mm
hole spacing - 5x108mm
screws (to be purchased separately):
Screw M12x1.25 50mm CONE
Screw M12x1.5 50mm BALL
Screw M12x1.5 50mm CONE
Screw M12x1.75 50mm CONE
Screw M14x1.25 50mm CONE
Screw M14x1.5 50mm BALL
Screw M14x1.5 50mm CONE
screw hardness 10.9

The spacers match:
S70 I5 2.0T5 1996-2000
S70 I5 2.0T5 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000

Our distancers are made of PA6 duralumin roller, which makes them very durable and lightweight at the same time, which makes them also great for riding on the track.
Both the hole and the centering flange are created with a tolerance of up to 0.05 mm, which ensures accurate centering of the wheel and prevents the occurrence of vibrations on the steering wheel that occur when the rim is not properly aligned.
Screwed on spacers are also made of duralumin with pressed knurled pins or steel threaded sleeves, which prevents thread breakage. Both pins and sleeves are secured against being pulled out when tightening the wheel by their two-stage shape.
The advantage of the distances is the increase in the track width, thanks to which the car behaves better when cornering, and also looks better because the wheels are not hidden in the fenders.
Thanks to the use of spacers, we can mount rims with other parameters such as larger offset (ET), because we level the difference precisely through the spacers. You can also use spacers that change the spacing of the bolts, which allows you to install rims from another car with the same number of fixing bolts.

V-MAXZONE PARTS Wheel Spacers 20mm 65,1mm 5x108 E-1037 Compatibl


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WHD Hydraulic Piston Pump for Case Puma 210 Tractor Part # 47133

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