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Tickled Pink Women's Ponchos


Tickled Pink Women's Ponchos

Product description

Tickled Pink offers fun, fashionable, and affordable women's accessories that leave you feeling, well, Tickled Pink! Our brand offers a large variety of accessories for all seasons—be it a cozy scarf for fall and winter, or a fun-fringed poncho for summer!

Tickled Pink Women's Ponchos

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Summer secrets whispered

Fashion,30 June 2021
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Last day of June and summer is in full bloom. I’m at the cottage where I spend most time during summer and life here is wonderful. My mind has been off duty for a couple of weeks already, and I’m enjoying it to the fullest. I wake up late, eat healthy, walk a lot, swim in the lake multiple times a day and go to bed early. Time passes slowly, but I never lack something to do. You see, everything I do I do much slower than usual and that’s something I’ve realized is what’s so magical about countryside living. Just washing my hair takes its own little eternity and cooking for so many people require organization skills and time. The herbs and lettuce are chosen carefully from our own vegetable garden and almost every day we look up a new bird or animal we are uncertain of in the wild animal book. And yes, we use a real, old-school book not Google, because our children love it that way.

As a person who has spent my life never knowing how the next day will look, I love the full contrast of doing pretty much the exact same things day after day. Saying this, I am as excited to pay short visits to the city every week or every other week to meet up with friends, re-pack and just enjoy our beautiful summer city!

My creative mind is finally waking up which makes me more eager than scared for a secret project I have been working on this past year. I’ve been so busy, and my mind has been distracted by everything else going on in my life, but this summer my mind will be focused on this project I’m going to tell you all about as soon as I dear in a couple of weeks.

These wonderful pictures are from a fun shoot me, my mum and sisters did for Gauhar Helsinki. Hope you can feel the summer idyll we’re living from these pictures.

Summer greeting from me to all of you <3

Pictures for Gauhar Helsinki by Ina Nybondas. Hair and makeup by Meghna  Lampi



Summer plans

Fashion,1 June 2021

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Dear you. Hope you are well! Today I felt this wave of inspiration come over me and suddenly, I found the urge to update the blog.  So, here I am filled with excitement and fresh pictures from my and my husband lunch date. Right now, I’m in the middle of an awesome period in my life. I feel happy most of the days and content over my life in general. And to be honest, that’s a quite unusual combination to have ongoing for weeks. I’m working less now and have much more time to just focus on things that makes me happy. Right now, I’m planning to take my kids and their friends for a nice summery picnic after school and I’m eagerly filling up my calendar with summer activities just to stretch this good mood I’m in by having nice things to look forward to.

As you might now, I usually live at the cottage most out of summer but this summer, I’m more eager to be social and get new experiences and adventures than hiding in a bush ;). Must be the anti-social year of covid that makes me long for people and action more than isolation. How about you, what are your summer plans?

In a few weeks, we’ll be visiting a family vacation spot here in Finland. I’m so eager to “travel” away with the family for a couple of days and experience new things together and get a break from house choirs and cooking. I’ve also organized a girls nigh out for my mum- friends and a double date with a nice couple we rarely see but wish to spend more time with. Feels amazing to have these nice things I never seem to have time for to look forward to! I also just RSVP’d to my friend’s wedding coming up later this summer that I’m bursting out of excitement over.

I decided to go on vacation in July and completely be off social media for three weeks. I’ve never done it before during summer, but this year I think it will do me good. Have you ever so-me detoxed?

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