AODITECK Marine Fuel Sending Unit Max 58% OFF 8" ohms 240-33 Car for Boat $48 AODITECK Marine Fuel Sending Unit 8" (240-33 ohms) for Boat Car Automotive Replacement Parts AODITECK Marine Fuel Sending Unit Max 58% OFF 8" ohms 240-33 Car for Boat Automotive , Replacement Parts,Unit,,(240-33,Fuel,Boat,for,Sending,Car,8",$48,AODITECK,Marine,/Illinois2465450.html,ohms) Automotive , Replacement Parts,Unit,,(240-33,Fuel,Boat,for,Sending,Car,8",$48,AODITECK,Marine,/Illinois2465450.html,ohms) $48 AODITECK Marine Fuel Sending Unit 8" (240-33 ohms) for Boat Car Automotive Replacement Parts

AODITECK Marine Fuel Sending Unit Beauty products Max 58% OFF 8

AODITECK Marine Fuel Sending Unit 8" (240-33 ohms) for Boat Car


AODITECK Marine Fuel Sending Unit 8" (240-33 ohms) for Boat Car

Product description

AODITECK Fule Sending Unit is the Direct Replacement for the Swingarm Sender for Better Durability and Reliability. AODITECK Fuel gauges allows the user to remotely monitor the liquid level in the tank. These level gauges will work with any level sender with the corresponding resistive output 240-33ohms. Specification of Fuel Tank Sending Unit
Length: 8"
Resolution Range: 21mm
Mounting Methods: Standard SAE 5 hole pattern.
Material:Body: SUS 316 Stainless Steel.
Liquid Level Sender with American standard output (240 ohms at empty, 33 ohms at full)
Voltage output available upon request.
Current output available upon request.
Customized output curve available upon request.
Operational Temperature: -40°F ~ +85°F (-40°C ~ +85°C).
Additional Information :
Sending Unit Installation Guide
Note: Please kindly pay attention to the product description, especially the resolution and length (the length of sender should be 1" less than the depth of the tank if tank is plastic
and 0.5" less than the depth of the tank if tank is metal) before placing the order.
Specification of Fuel Level Gauge
Product description
AODITECK Fuel Level Gauge
-Fixing dimension: 52mm(2 1/16 ")
-Indicating Range: E-1/2-F)
-Signal:240-33 ohm)
-Working Voltage: 9-32V(12V/24V)
-Backlight: Red
-Operation mode: LCD display, stepper motor)
Package Includes:
1x Water Level Gauge)
1x Wiring harness
1x Installation Instruction

AODITECK Marine Fuel Sending Unit 8" (240-33 ohms) for Boat Car

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