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Arctix Women's Active Skort


Arctix Women's Active Skort

Product description

The Arctix Women's Active Skort is a stylish and fashionable choice for any outdoor venture, available in 17" or 19" length. Wear it alone or as a layering piece over leggings or tights for a super cute and playful outdoor look. Four-way stretch provides additional comfort and ease of movement. Features a zippered coin pocket for added convenience and security, and attached interior shorts. The Active Skort is machine washable, perfect for a quick and easy cleaning after outdoor activities. Arctix makes affordable high-quality weatherproof outerwear for every kind of winter activity. Arctix clothing is rigorously tested in extreme winter weather, and is proven to protect against the harshest elements. Each garment is designed and engineered to offer more flexibility, accurate sizing, and a comfortable fit. It's an internationally trusted brand enjoyed by winter enthusiasts around the world. Arctix keeps you warmer, drier, and happier longer.

From the manufacturer

Fashion and Function for all outdoor activities

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Choose from other Arctix styles of outerwear Adjustable cuffs and hood closure; Back vent for added breathability. Converts to shorts with zip-closure security pocket. Durable water-resistant protection; soft, Brushed inner face for warmth retention. Fleece lined for added warmth. Elastic waist for a comfortable fit. Technology that removes the bulk and weight of the insulation which helps with mobility.
Special Features Mesh Liner; Taped seams; Lightweight and Packable; Secured zipper pockets. Moisture Wicking technology that pulls moisture away from the body to keep you cool and ThermaLock treatment for quick dry. High stretch for improved range of motion; boot gaiters keep warmth in, moisture out. Zippered hand warmer style pockets; Duel Cargo pockets for storage. Reinforced ankle, scuff and hem guards holds up against the daily wear and tear.

Arctix Women's Active Skort

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