$100,/ethnocentric1872332.html,Roll,hygienic,Clean,Holder,emcommerce.co.rs,Wooden,Toilet,Wall,and,Mounted,,Roll,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware $100,/ethnocentric1872332.html,Roll,hygienic,Clean,Holder,emcommerce.co.rs,Wooden,Toilet,Wall,and,Mounted,,Roll,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware $100 Clean and hygienic Wooden Toilet Roll Holder Wall Mounted, Roll Tools Home Improvement Hardware $100 Clean and hygienic Wooden Toilet Roll Holder Wall Mounted, Roll Tools Home Improvement Hardware Clean and Free Shipping New hygienic Wooden Toilet Holder Wall Mounted Roll Clean and Free Shipping New hygienic Wooden Toilet Holder Wall Mounted Roll

Clean and Free Daily bargain sale Shipping New hygienic Wooden Toilet Holder Wall Mounted Roll

Clean and hygienic Wooden Toilet Roll Holder Wall Mounted, Roll


Clean and hygienic Wooden Toilet Roll Holder Wall Mounted, Roll

Product description

Item Name: kitchen bathroom roll holder
Material: solid wood
Weight: about 750g
Style: wall mounted ,creative
Color : wood
Suitable for: kitchen, bathroom, hotel, restaurant, office
Package included: 1 x Tissue stand (Not includes toilet paper)
Due to the difference between different monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item.

Customer Questions amp;Answers

Clean and hygienic Wooden Toilet Roll Holder Wall Mounted, Roll

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