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SLS3 Women's Triathlon Shorts Max 40% OFF Short for Women Tri Japan Maker New

SLS3 Women's Triathlon Shorts | Tri Short for Women | Triathlon


SLS3 Women's Triathlon Shorts | Tri Short for Women | Triathlon

Product Description

The all new 6" FRT Women Triathlon shorts combines all the essential benefits you require from your favorite tri short:

Top quality, superior fit and ultimate durability.

This must-have triathlon short in black is always in style. It features a 6" inseam for a feminine fit, a thin Triathlon pad, which offers enough padding on the bike but does not hinder you on the run and has clean flatlock seams for added comfort.

SLS3 Women's Triathlon Shorts | Tri Short for Women | Triathlon

TOI Facts
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