Yellow,3000K,Fog,$46,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Amber,Light,,Driving,/gypsyry2465141.html,6000,Motorcycle,Light,RGB,, $46 Motorcycle Driving Light RGB, 3000K Amber Yellow Fog Light, 6000 Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Yellow,3000K,Fog,$46,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Amber,Light,,Driving,/gypsyry2465141.html,6000,Motorcycle,Light,RGB,, Motorcycle Driving Light RGB 3000K Amber Kansas City Mall Yellow Fog 6000 Motorcycle Driving Light RGB 3000K Amber Kansas City Mall Yellow Fog 6000 $46 Motorcycle Driving Light RGB, 3000K Amber Yellow Fog Light, 6000 Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories

Motorcycle OFFicial store Driving Light RGB 3000K Amber Kansas City Mall Yellow Fog 6000

Motorcycle Driving Light RGB, 3000K Amber Yellow Fog Light, 6000


Motorcycle Driving Light RGB, 3000K Amber Yellow Fog Light, 6000

Product Description

motorcycle led fog lights

Motorcycle Led Fog Lights Features:

* Upgrade Motorcycle Driving Lights - White color for driving light, Amber color for fog light. Also with RGB demon eye halo. No need to buy separate driving lights and fog lamps.

* High Brightness Offroad Driving Lights - 30W/pc, 60W/pair; 3000LM/pc, 6000LM/pair.

* Adjustable Bracket amp; Durable Material Motorcycle Led Fog Lights - Die-cast aluminum housings are light weight and corrosion-free, stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware provide high strength and freedom from corrosion. And they could adjust the lights to any angle you need, 180° adjustment Up and Down.

* Rugged Construction Motorcycle Led Driving Lights - This led fog lights are built tough for use on the roughest terrain. Aluminum body, can protect the led chip, longer service life. waterproof rating of IP68, making it ideal for use in wet environments. The housing is completed in a textured black powder coat finish for aggressive good looks and long lasting.

Motorcycle Led Fog Lights Specification:

Item: Dual color Motorcycle Driving Spot Lights

Color temp.: White 6000K,Amber 3000K

Voltage: DC12-24V

Lumen: 6000LM

Power: 60W

Lifespan: 50000hours

Body material: Aluminum

motorcycle LED fog lights driving light

Smartphone APP Control Motorcycle Led Fog Lights

1) You can easily control it anywhere within 10 meters.

2) Different flashing mode: 7 single color static, tricolor jump, seven-color jump, tricolor gradient, seven-color gradient, 7 single color gradient, etc. Make your car look cool by changing color.

Note: The working principle of the motorcycle driving light is Physical primary colors, so maybe some color of the RGB demon eye halo is not pure color, such as white, yellow.

3) Sound sensitive function, the color will change according to music rhythm. Great product to dress up your car, perfect enhancement not only for upgrading your car but also increase safety of driving in daytime and nighttime.

Motorcycle H4  Led Headlight Bulb Harley Led Headlight 5x7 Led Headlight Motorcycle Led Fog Light White Rock Lights 6Pods RGB Rock Lights
Motorcycle H4 Led Headlight Bulb Harley Led Headlight 5x7 Led Headlight Motorcycle Led Fog Light White Rock Lights 6Pods RGB Rock Lights
Features AC 12V/DC 12-24V 45W@High Beam, 30W@Low Beam With Halo DRL 24W 3000LM 12 Pods/Kit RGB 14 Color
Features 2000LM 4000LM@High Beam, 2800LM@Low Beam Standard h4 plug 6500K White Pure White Color Music Mode
Features With Cooling Fan PLUG 'N' PLAY 30W@High Beam,20W@Low Beam 3000K Amber Yellow Waterproof IP68 Timing Mode
Features Easy installation Waterproof Design 3000LM@High Beam,1600LM@Low Beam Spot Light Wide Application Bluetooth APP Control

Motorcycle Driving Light RGB, 3000K Amber Yellow Fog Light, 6000

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