Gauge,Motorcycle,Speed,Fuel,Tachometer,,luobu,Odometer,/heliotropy2465230.html,Motorcycle,$71,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports Gauge,Motorcycle,Speed,Fuel,Tachometer,,luobu,Odometer,/heliotropy2465230.html,Motorcycle,$71,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports $71 luobu Motorcycle Tachometer Motorcycle Odometer Speed Fuel Gauge Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $71 luobu Motorcycle Tachometer Motorcycle Odometer Speed Fuel Gauge Automotive Motorcycle Powersports luobu Motorcycle Max 71% OFF Tachometer Odometer Speed Gauge Fuel luobu Motorcycle Max 71% OFF Tachometer Odometer Speed Gauge Fuel

luobu Motorcycle Max 71% OFF Tachometer Odometer Speed New item Gauge Fuel

luobu Motorcycle Tachometer Motorcycle Odometer Speed Fuel Gauge


luobu Motorcycle Tachometer Motorcycle Odometer Speed Fuel Gauge

Product description

Color:With Sensor-a

We are an excellent distributor of motorcycle parts and have sold our products all over the world.
Technical Parameter
1. Working temperature: -30-85C
2. Working voltage:9-16V
1. Shift between mph and km/h
2. Trip distance clears
3. Digital display speed, speed range 0-199km/h or mph;
4. Digital display trip distance, distance range 0-999.9km or miles;
5. Digital display odo distance, distance range 0-99999.9km or miles;
6. display fuel level, low fuel warnning and blinkering;
7. Needle display rpm, range 0-13000
8. shows left and right blinker, N, high-beam etc
10. Adjustable wheel perimeter
11. Adjustable pulse
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luobu Motorcycle Tachometer Motorcycle Odometer Speed Fuel Gauge

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