NLYY Hanging Punching Bag Over item handling for Boxing Un Heavy Kids Adults $27 NLYY Hanging Punching Bag for Adults Kids, Heavy Boxing Bag Un Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $27 NLYY Hanging Punching Bag for Adults Kids, Heavy Boxing Bag Un Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness NLYY Hanging Punching Bag Over item handling for Boxing Un Heavy Kids Adults Hanging,NLYY,,Boxing,Bag,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Bag,Un,/intruder2465160.html,Adults,Heavy,for,$27,Kids,,Punching Hanging,NLYY,,Boxing,Bag,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Bag,Un,/intruder2465160.html,Adults,Heavy,for,$27,Kids,,Punching

NLYY Hanging Punching Bag Over item handling security for Boxing Un Heavy Kids Adults

NLYY Hanging Punching Bag for Adults Kids, Heavy Boxing Bag Un


NLYY Hanging Punching Bag for Adults Kids, Heavy Boxing Bag Un

Product description

Are you looking for a equipment that can relieve stress and do exercise for yourself and your child?

Our heavy punching bag is your best choice.

Made of oxford, PU and thickened high elastic sponge that safe and durable.
You can choose the filling by yourself, full of DIY fun.
The boxing bag is suitable for home and office, expend kids and adults energy indoors and outdoors.

Material: Oxford, PU
Large: 47*13.4 Inch
Medium: 39*11.8 Inch
Small: 31*9.8 Inch
Color: Blue+Black

Package including:
1 Set Punching Bag with Suspension Accessories and Hand, Wrist Protective Sleeves

If you have any questions about our Punching Bag, please contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours.
Please be assured of the purchase.

NLYY Hanging Punching Bag for Adults Kids, Heavy Boxing Bag Un

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