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TagCrew Urban Shoulder Tote Messenger bag Outstanding 18 of Canvas oz. Made depot

TagCrew Urban Shoulder Tote Messenger bag Made of 18 oz. Canvas


TagCrew Urban Shoulder Tote Messenger bag Made of 18 oz. Canvas

Product Description

Tagamp;Crew Urban Shoulder Tote Messenger bag

Tagamp;Crew Urban Shoulder Tote Messenger bag

Product Description

Part of our collection inspired by city commuters, the Urban Shoulder Tote is a roomy messenger bag. Carry your papers, laptop or school work easily with the adjustable shoulder strap.

Product Details

Material Made of 18 oz. heavy weight durable canvas fabric. MADE IN INDIA.
Size Measures 13"H x 15"W x 6"D Inches
Features The Urban Shoulder Tote has a zip top closure to secure your belongings. Features an adjustable strap for custom length.
Usage The adjustable strap allows you to wear the Urban Shoulder Tote two different ways. Shorten the length to wear it like a handbag or lengthen the straps to turn it into a messenger bag.
Wash Care All products must be Spot Cleaned/Air Dry ONLY.

Key Product Features

Tagamp;Crew Urban Shoulder Tote Messenger bag
CDXX Tagamp;Crew Stripe Signature Duffle Bag TKSD Tagamp;Crew Signature Travel Kit Small Tagamp;Crew Signature Duffle Bag Tagamp;Crew Round Solid Duffle Bag
Tagamp;Crew Natural Color Block Duffle Bag with Water Proof Bottom Tagamp;Crew Stripe Signature Duffel Bag Tagamp;Crew Solid Travel Kit Small Tagamp;Crew Signature Travel Kit Small Tagamp;Crew Signature Duffel Bag Tagamp;Crew Round Solid Duffel Bag
Material 18 oz. Heavy Canvas 20 Oz. Heavy Canvas 15 Oz. Heavy Canvas 10 Oz. Canvas 20 Oz Heavy Canvas 20 Oz. Heavy Canvas
Color Options 4 4 5 4 7 3
Size/Dimensions 11 H x 18 W x 6 D Inches 15 H x 28 w x 10 D Inches 6 H x 9 W x 3.75 D Inches 7 H x 8.5 W x 4.5 D Inches 15 H x 18 W x 10 Inches 10.5 x 21.25 x 10.5 Inches
Style Travel, Fashion, Casual amp; Vacation Travel, Fashion, Casual amp; Vacation Bag/Travel/Beauty Travel, Fashion, Casual, Vacation, Accessory, Beauty Travel, Fashion, Casual amp; Vacation Travel, Fashion, Casual amp; Vacation
Straps Yes Yes No No Yes Yes

About The Brand Tagamp;Crew


Tag amp; Crew was conceived and founded by a passionate team with years of experience in the accessories industry. We wanted to bring a fresh approach to canvas products, incorporating the simple utility and function of the canvas into a set of stylish and beautiful products.

Tag amp; Crew is a modern, cool, kicky, unexpected, and smart collection of canvas bags made from heavy and lightweight canvas. We've created a collection with that extra touch, the chic detail, the urban factor for everyone who loves a dash of daring.


Tag amp; Crew uses the highest quality materials, details, and construction in all our products. We own our factory and control every aspect of production. Our bags are made from sustainable canvas materials, making them an alternative to plastic and paper goods. We value our work ethic, our employees, and our customers and can proudly state that our factory is Omega Compliance.

Whether you're looking for an ideal travel bag or something to carry every day, Tagamp;Crew has a bag to fit your style. And we even offer personalization options so you can make your bag a one-of-a-kind reflection of you.


We stand behind each product to make you satisfied. We want you to be as happy with these bags as we are.

TagCrew Urban Shoulder Tote Messenger bag Made of 18 oz. Canvas

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