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New Genuine color Mythinglogic Garage Sports Equipment Organizer Mounted Ball Wall

Mythinglogic Garage Sports Equipment Organizer,Wall Mounted Ball


Mythinglogic Garage Sports Equipment Organizer,Wall Mounted Ball

Product Description

ball rack storage

With versatile hooks, wire mesh bin and specialty racks for MYTHINGLOGIC ball storage rack, your walls become customized to fit your storage requirements. Create zones for organizing sports equipment or children's toys and you’ll never waste hours hunting for them again.


· Brand: Mythinglogic

· Frame Material: Steel

· Finish: Powder coated.

· Dimensions: 32.5" L x 15.7" W x 10.6" H

· Assembly: Required


· 1 x Sports Equipment Rack

· 1 x Instruction Manual

· Some Hardware and hooks


Mythinglogic ball storage
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Ball Storage Cart (hold up to 6 basketballs) Bike rack with basket golf bag stand with Basket Wall mount ball racks Ball Storage Cart 2 Set 4 Tier sports equipment rack
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Type free stand free stand free stand wall mount free stand free stand

Mythinglogic Garage Sports Equipment Organizer,Wall Mounted Ball

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