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guizhoujiufu Camera sold out Accessories Universal L Flash Grip New arrival Br

guizhoujiufu Camera Accessories Universal Flash Camera Grip L Br


guizhoujiufu Camera Accessories Universal Flash Camera Grip L Br

Product description


Works with all flashes with standard hot shoe.
Used for eliminating Red Eye.
The metal is black anodized aluminum with a soft rubber grip.
Plastic grip with ergonomic design, comfortable to handle.
Light Weight amp; compact.
Effectively eliminates harsh shadows.
Good for horizontal or vertical shooting.

Suitable for:
For all DV, flash etc. with a standard 1/4" hot shoe

Package include:
1 x Flash camera L bracket holder
(Others are not included)

Note: This is not suitable for SONY.

guizhoujiufu Camera Accessories Universal Flash Camera Grip L Br

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