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Online Structural Analysis Software

Structural Frame analysis software, section builder, buckling, cables, plates, frequency, response spectrum and non-linear analysis.

Comprehensive Design Code Add-Ons

A wide range of steel, wood and concrete design codes from AISC, EN, AISI, NDS, AS, CSA - fully integrated with our Structural Engineering Software.

Instant Access, Flexible Pricing.

Our program is 100% on the cloud, save thousands of dollars in expensive installation and ongoing maintenance. Flexible pricing, only pay for what you need.


Analyse and Design Easier, Faster

Powerful Analysis

SkyCiv Structural Engineering Software can handle beam & plate elements, cables, buckling, p-delta, frequency and response spectrum analysis for multiple load combinations. Includes design checks from AISC, NDS, ACI, AISI, Eurocode, AS and CSA plus more...

Professional and Fast Support

Use online chat and real time model repairs to get the help you need within a matter of hours, not days. You can also share your files with our support team in real time. Get answers faster with SkyCiv Professional Engineering support.

Easy To Use

SkyCiv program is very intuitive and easy to use. We've redesigned the workflow and user interface: with easier input and a cleaner interface, you can model 5x faster than some of our competitors.

From Your Web Browser

SkyCiv is 100% cloud based. It works seamlessly on Mac, PC, and even mobile tablets! No more license keys, no more version issues or costly updates.

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What’s Included in a Professional Account

Structural Analysis and Design Made Easy

Analysis Software

Model, analyse and design your models quickly and easily.

  • SkyCiv Beam
  • SkyCiv Structural 3D
  • SkyCiv Mobile App

  • SkyCiv Section Builder

  • SkyCiv RC Design

Design Software

Integrated with core software, streamline your workflow for efficiency.

  • Steel/Wood/CF Member Design

  • Connection Design

  • Concrete Design

  • Foundation Design

  • Revit Plugin

Account Features

Present yourself with professionalism and get the best engineering support.

  • Removed Watermark
  • Unlimited Files

  • Private Files
  • Custom Logo

  • Engineering Support

“The ease of use and the presentation of the results are both awesome. I have had ongoing interaction with the support team and everyone is excellent!”
Mitch Frumkin, CEO of Kipcon

It is used for various civil and mechanical engineering courses and the students love it. We are happy with the continuous updates to SkyCiv as well, highly recommended.

Dr Kenneth R. Leitch, Assoc. Prof. Texas A&M

“It was easily the most intuitive package available to learn; it is particularly easy to build the 3D model and define nodes, members, supports, materials, sections, then apply loads & combinations.”

Stuart Agars, Managing Director of Struct-Sure Limited

Case Studies

Tried and Tested by Real Engineers around the World


Mitch was tasked with re-evaluating all of the original members and coming up with a cost effective solution to increase the efficiency of the air cool condenser..


Located in rural North Yorkshire in England, this unique project with it’s “three-sided glazing” design was considered a large residential luxury development.


The Dream Machine is a three-story children’s climbing structure in Washington DC. The creative idea came from Gyroscope Studios of Oakland, California.

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Collaborate and