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Eonvic ARRI Alexa Mini Coiled Power Extension Cable Female to Ma


Eonvic ARRI Alexa Mini Coiled Power Extension Cable Female to Ma

Product description

About Eonvic connector cables
1.Eonvic connectors are used in instrumentation, medical devices,and anywhere a high density, high reliability, quick mating connector is needed.These high precision connectors. With a life span greater than 5000 insertions, complete EMC shielding, shock resistance, vibration resitance,and corrosion resistance this is the highest quality connector on the market.
2.In order to provide an one-stop service, we proudly offer cable assemblies for our customers.Each cable assembly is fully tested for pin-pin continuity, as well as having a high voltage test to ensure that there are no potential breakdown problems.Every cable assembly is fully inspected to ensure that it meets the requirements specified.We do it according to customers' requirements.If you would like to discuss your requirements or receive a quotation, please feel free to contact us.We have good price for big quantity, and we can customize with the cable according to customer¡¯s requirements.( You can tell me the length of cable you need,we can customize with it according to your requirements)

Why choose Eonvic
1.lower your cost,Cheap cable assembly offer, At least save your 30%-50% cost
( 100% compatible and work well )
2.Save your time
(You can find cables and connector in one place with High quality)

Eonvic ARRI Alexa Mini Coiled Power Extension Cable Female to Ma

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